CRIISP – The Capital Raising Platform For Founders & Investors

Source: CRIISP

Simple and Secure Documentation, Investor Marketplace Access, List and Promote Your Deal Room, Simple Dashboard, Add Collaborators in The Process, Track Engagements and Activities, Process Investments Directly Via The Platform, Digital Signatures (Multi-Party), Track and Store Certificates

Data Center, Cloud Computing

Outsourcing, Hosting and co-location
•Cloud Service Providers / Managed Service Providers
•Virtual Data Center / Outsourcing / Hybrid Cloud
•Implementation of Cloud Storage Solutions
•Converged Datacenter Networks
•Datacenter/ IT Infrastructure Management
•Infrastructure convergence
•New Fundamental Data, Storage and Device Technologies
•Solid State Storage
•Data Archiving and Digital Preservation
•Business Continuity: Protection, Archiving, Backup & Recovery
•Data Lifecycle Management
•Long Term Data Preservation
•Storage Resource Management
•Data Storage-as-a-Service (DaaS) and Cloud


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